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Double Play Program

Working with you to prevent injury, maximize performance, and return to sport

The Double Play Program was developed by Mike Gaddini, a sports physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist, to combine the best in both injury reduction strategies and performance enhancement. The program is based on proven scientific methods and the latest theories in sports medicine to get you performing at your highest level.

Sports injuries have become somewhat of an epidemic in recent years. Statistics show that in high school alone, some 2 million sports injuries result in 500k doctor visits and approximately 30k hospitalizations for treatment each year. Two areas in particular are of great concern: ACL tears and shoulder and elbow injuries in the throwing athlete. Each year, an estimated 200,000 high school and college female athletes will sustain a serious knee ligament injury. In addition, adolescent pitchers who pitched more than 8 months out of the year were 5 times more likely to sustain an elbow or shoulder injury. These statistics are alarming.

At Apex Physical Therapy, we are experts at helping athletes recover from injuries and return to their sport. Instead of focusing all of our energy on putting people back together, we are also committed to helping healthy athletes minimize their risk of sustaining a debilitating injury altogether. We have been inspired by the work of world-renowned sports medicine doctor James Andrews and the STOP Sports Injuries Campaign to bring you Apex’s Double Play Program.

Who is Double Play intended for?

Athletes of any sport and any level that are looking to improve an area of their performance
Athletes who have a history of injury or are transitioning back from an injury that need guidance in injury reduction strategies
Active adults who play a sport, are training for an event, or want to start a fitness program and would like to improve performance and reduce injury

Highlights of the program

One-on-one, 60-minute training sessions with a sports physical therapist and NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist
Scientific exercising testing and customized program design, the results of which will be packaged for you to take with you
Motion capture analysis of jumping and landing mechanics using Cincinnati Sports Medicine Sportsmetrics software.
Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Y-Balance Test Certified
Body composition analysis using the InBody 230, which provides segmental lean analysis and body fat analysis using the latest BIA technology

Programming Options

Jump Start Plan

The Jump Start Plan is a tailored program designed to help you learn and establish an independent regimen that you can execute on your own over time.

Four 60-Minute One-on-one Sessions:
Session 1 – Comprehensive Testing
Session 2 – Corrective Exercises
Session 3 – Performance Training
Session 4 – Performance Training

Regular Price: $600.00
Current Promotion: $500.00

Performance Plan

The Performance Plan is a longer, more intensive program designed for optimal results.

Eight 60-Minute One-on-one Sessions:
Session 1 – Comprehensive Testing
Session 2 – Corrective Exercises
Session 3 – Neuromuscular Training
Session 4 – Neuromuscular Training
Sessions 5/6 – Performance Training
Sessions 7/8 – Performance (+) Training

Regular Price: $1200.00
Current Promotion: $900.00

Get started with Double Play today!

Call Apex Physical Therapy – San Mateo at (650) 345-2739 or email Michael Gaddini at to get started, ask questions, or find out what program option is right for you.