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Apex Physical Therapy, the premier sports and orthopedic Physical Therapy clinic on the Peninsula for over 15 years with locations in San Mateo and San Carlos, is excited to announce the opening of Apex Physical Therapy SF in San Francisco!

Founders Dave Matoso, PT and Tony Tognetti, DPT of Apex feel fortunate to have partnered with Erica Moody, MPT in forming this new venture. Erica, Dave, and Tony came together based on a strong shared vision of how physical therapy services should be packaged and delivered.

Located at 3040 Larkin Street, the clinic is housed in the historic Dr. Pepper building, adjacent to Ghirardelli Square and overlooking Aquatic Park. With nearly 4500 square feet of uninterrupted warehouse space and state of the art equipment, the clinic allows for the functional training and manual therapy that has come to define Apex.

As owners, we remain committed to providing the highest level of care to your patients in a warm, welcoming clinic setting to maximize your patient’s rehabilitation experience. We’re confident in saying that with the addition of Apex Physical Therapy SF and Erica, “the best just got better!”

*APEX Physical Therapy SF is owned and operated by MMT Physical Therapy, Inc., a California corporation.

**APEX Physical Therapy is owned and operated by Matoso Tognetti, Inc. dba a California corporation. All references to Apex Physical Therapy are trademarks of APEX Physical Therapy and are licensed to Apex Physical Therapy SF.